Stuck to the rail

Don’t you hate it when your opponent leaves you stuck to the rail; or even when you do it to yourself? After this drill you’ll be looking forward to these shots. Build your confidence on off the rail shots and never miscue off the rail again.

Stuck to the rail again! There is nothing worse than watching the cue ball slowly roll towards the end rail and then stop dead against it. Actually it does get worse, because now you realize that you have a long table length cut shot to win the game. You realize that if you miss this shot, your opponent wins. Well it is a good thing you’ve been practicing with this drill!

The setup is very basic: Just throw the balls on the table randomly. It doesn’t even matter if some object balls end up on the rail, inside a pocket or in clusters; just leave them be.

For this drill you will get cue ball in hand for every shot. But there is one condition. You must place the cue ball against a rail.

Important Drill 6

It doesn’t matter how the object balls lie on the table; take whatever shot seems easiest or one that you would like to master.

It is very important that you remember to chalk your cue before every shot in this drill. Since you are hitting the ball with follow, (due to the fact that the cue ball is glued to the rail), you can easily miscue when your tip is dry.

Tip: Don’t just take short shots, practice your long game off the rail also. When you are able to get 10+ out of 15 in with no problem you are doing very well.