Spinning the cut

Wide angle cut shots aren’t simple, but a lot of the time position after the cut has to be considered for a run out. Being able to play position off a cut shot using any type of english is important. This is a great drill to help.

Being able to make a cut shot using any type of english is very useful. You shouldn’t get used to always cutting in a shot with the same english applied because it will limit you on the cue-ball positioning that will take place after the object ball sinks into the pocket.

Make sure that you are able to make this cut shot by applying center, left and right english. Adjustments will need to be made in aiming…

English and Spin Illustration

Points A and B might not seem that far away, but you are cutting the object ball very thin.

Using right hand english will put left hand english on the object ball so you will want to hit a larger piece of the object ball then when applying left hand english. Left hand english will drive the object ball to the rail, a thinner cut is needed.