Jayson Shaw High Run of 669 Is Also The Eye of the Eagle in the Pool World

In the vibrant, competitive world of professional pool, few names stir such a sense of awe and respect as that of Jayson Shaw. With his unparalleled talent and fearless playing style, Shaw, also known as “Eagle Eye,” has solidified his position as one of the world’s most formidable competitors. This article offers an overview of Shaw’s remarkable career, from his early beginnings to his current reign in the pool world.

Born in 1990 in Glasgow, Scotland, Shaw’s connection to pool began at a tender age. It is often joked that he must have been born with a cue in his hand, and that might not be far from the truth. Shaw discovered his love for the game before the age of four, dedicating countless hours to mastering the intricacies and honing his skills. His father, a professional pool player himself, recognized Shaw’s potential and enrolled him in the English 8-ball championships junior division. By the age of eight, Shaw was competing on the Scottish team and ultimately won the championship tournament.

In 2006, at the age of 16, Shaw kickstarted his professional career by participating in the now-defunct International Pool Tour. Afterward, he began his rapid ascent to success, crowned the WPA World Blackball Champion in 2010. Shaw’s early success and notable tournament wins showcased his unrivaled ability to dominate the table, earning him well-deserved admiration from fellow players and fans alike. He has since become a fan-favorite among sports betting enthusiasts, including those who enjoy point spread betting.

Shaw has numerous tournament victories under his belt, from the Mosconi Cup to the US Open, consistently showcasing his exceptional skill on the grandest stages. Despite winning over 40 championships during his career so far, it is perhaps the Mosconi Cup, a premier team-based pool event, where Shaw truly shines. He has led the European team to victory five times and was named tournament MVP in both 2020 and 2021.

Shaw’s playing style and technique are as unique as they are effective. His aptitude to identify and make shots that many other players would gloss over, combined with his unmatched precision, have earned him the nickname “Eagle Eye.” Though some may perceive him as cocky and arrogant around the table, this demeanor likely serves to unsettle his opponents, securing his footing as the stronger player. Shaw has been sponsored on tour by Peri Cues for a few years.

In 2022, Shaw set a new world record for the highest straight ball run in history, potting an impressive 669 balls consecutively. He has also received several accolades and awards over his career, notably the Billiards Digest Player of the Year in 2016 and AZBilliards Player of the Year in 2017.  Originally it was a 714 ball high run but review of the video reduced Shaw’s high run to 669.  The run took 2 hours and 39 minutes.

On a personal level, Shaw married his wife in 2014, and the couple welcomed their two children in the years that followed. Shaw relocated to Connecticut, where he and his wife purchased his wife’s family pool room, which they reopened as US 1 Billiards and Bar in West Haven, Connecticut.

With a meteoric rise to success and plenty of victories to mark the start of his career, Shaw is poised to continue on an upward trajectory in the years to come. He continues to set the bar high for himself while refining his skills, diversifying his business interests, and maintaining his status as one of the best pool players in modern times. There is much more for Shaw to achieve before he puts down his pool cue for good, such as an induction into the American Billiards Hall of Fame and more tournament wins. Pool fans and sports bettors eagerly await his participation in upcoming tournaments, where his presence alone adds an air of excitement to any arena.

The “Eagle Eye” Jayson Shaw is a testament to the power of unwavering dedication and drive to succeed. While his initial goal was simply to make his parents proud, it’s safe to say he has exceeded those expectations. From humble beginnings to a world record title holder, Shaw is living proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to if you’re passionate about what you’re doing.

As Shaw continues to soar in the pool world, one thing remains clear: his journey is far from over. Whether he’s setting new records, winning tournaments, or inspiring the next generation of pool players, Shaw’s story is one of determination, skill, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The world of professional pool eagerly watches as he continues to make waves, and the “Eagle Eye” shows no signs of slowing down.

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Career titles and achievements

2023 Turning Stone Classic
2022 Mosconi Cup
2022 International Open 9-Ball Championship
2022 Turning Stone Classic
2022 Super Billiards Expo Players Championship
2022 14.1 Record High Run. 669 Consecutive Balls
2021 Mosconi Cup (MVP)
2021 Mosconi Cup
2021 Turning Stone Classic
2020 Mosconi Cup (MVP)
2020 Mosconi Cup
2020 Euro Tour Treviso Open
2020 Derby City Classic Bigfoot 10-Ball Challenge
2019 Great Dismal Swamp 9-Ball Classic
2019 Empire State 10-Ball Championship
2019 International Open 9-Ball Championship
2019 Turning Stone Classic
2018 Ocean State 9-Ball Championship
2017 AZBilliards Player of the Year
2017 Mosconi Cup
2017 Accu-Stats 14.1 Invitational
2017 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship
2017 Accu-Stats 8-Ball Invitational
2017 Ginky Memorial Open 9-Ball
2017 West Coast 10 Ball Pro Challenge
2017 Turning Stone Classic
2017 Derby City Classic Bigfoot 10-Ball Challenge
2016 Billiards Digest Player of the Year
2016 Mosconi Cup
2016 International Challenge of Champions
2016 Kuwait Open 9-Ball Championship
2016 Great Dismal Swamp 9-Ball Classic
2016 Steinway Classic 10-Ball
2016 Deurne City Classic 9-Ball
2016 Turning Stone Classic
2016 Derby City Classic Bigfoot 10-Ball Challenge
2016 Accu-Stats 8-Ball Invitational
2015 Turning Stone Classic
2015 Turning Stone Classic
2014 Ocean State 9-Ball Championship
2014 Turning Stone Classic
2013 Empire State 10-Ball Championship
2010 WPA World Blackball Championship