Float down table

Speed control is just as important as knowing what the correct shot to take is in a positioning situation. You know that the ball must float down table and you know that it will need some type of follow to easily get to the best position. Without the correct speed control, none of that will matter.

Positioning the cue-ball after pocketing a ball frozen to the rail. This is a very important shot, especially when the second object ball is at the other end of the table. A shot like this will come up in almost every game in Pool and Billiards. The following practice drill is done correctly by hitting the cue-ball at center hard enough so that it doesn’t pick up any foward roll by the time it hits the rail. The cue-ball should hit the rail about a hair-length away from the object ball, almost hitting them both at the same time.

From the positioning of the cue-ball and the first object ball, after contact the cue-ball should drift down the table at a slight angle. Speed control is very important. You do not want the cue-ball to contact the side rail on its journey down table.

Important Drill 3

No english, follow or draw should be used on an easy shot like this. There is no reason to add complexity, just have the cue-ball drift down table without contacting the side rail.