Long stop shot

A stop shot when the cue ball and object ball are only 2 feet apart is easy, I agree. So let’s give them some distance. Now you really need a straight solid stroke, and understand how the the felt effects your speed control. Hit too lightly and you will scratch, hit off center and it won’t stop dead. Good Luck!

The long stop shot. A very important shot in pool and also a good indication to you, the player, if your aiming is straight and if you can use draw properly. On top of that it also tests your speed control / judgement.

Don’t take a shot like this lightly, if you can master this, then shorter distances will be a piece of pie. The object is to have the cue-ball stop dead in it’s track when it makes contact with the object ball. That means no stun action in either direction, no draw action bringing the cue-ball back towards you and definetly no follow action which could potentially cause you to scratch.

Important Drill 4

Don’t sweat it if you can’t get the cue-ball to stop dead. If you can make the shot without miscueing or scratching then your doing fine; move on to another drill.