Basic, but very important

Some of the most basic shots in pool are actually the most important. The basic shots come up the most often, which means any great practice routine will include some basic shot drills. When speed control and positioning get involved, no shot is considered easy.

The most basic shots are probably also the most important shots of the game. The reason being is because they come up so often. Easy straight-in shots are the key to great positioning. When people tell you that no shot is easy, it is because they are taking the whole shot into consideration, not just pocketing the target ball. The shot begins when all balls have come to a rest and it only ends again when all balls have come to a rest. Being able to control where the cue/object balls will end up is the key to high runs.

Speed control and english are very important, even on the most basic looking shots. Respect this concept first and you’ll start to take the entire shot into focus. You will need to visualize the paths of all balls that are contacted once the shot is in motion.

The following setup happens very often. It is a straight in shot. Try setting up this shot and randomly placing another ball anywhere on the table. There should be no where on the table that would be impossible to set yourself up for.

Important Practice Drill 1

Next throw 2 more balls on the table and run them out in any order but using this straight in setup as the first target. This will get you to think 2 balls ahead after a straight in ‘easy’ shot. Most people hit easy shots too fast, not thinking ahead. Don’t be one of those people.