Break Out of the Corner (9-ball)

I’ve always hated getting the object ball stuck in the corner pocket. But I knew it was very important to learn how to deal with it. Especially when I’m up to the 8 in a game of 9-ball.

There are some 8/9 routines that come up very often. One of those situations always bothered me. And so one day I decided to learn exactly what to do in the situation. I was having trouble predicting how the cue ball would react off the object ball and cushion when the object ball was right inside the pocket. Sometimes I would hit the cue ball very lightly, and it would go traveling to the opposite side of the table. Other times I would hit the cue ball very hard and it wouldn’t go anywhere after contact with the object ball. Learning the ball speed and what the effects are off an object ball jammed in a pocket is a very important piece of knowledge to run out any table. Especially when you are up to the 8 ball.

Give yourself ball in hand for this drill and place the cue ball up against the rail.
Keeping the cue ball in a static area for the drill will help you learn the effects it will get off the object ball and cushion.

Offensive Drill on Pool Table

Once you are comfortable with that setup, here is another. It looks very similiar to the last drill, but be careful. Getting a setup on the 9 here requires a little diffent hit on the object ball.

Offensive Drill B

Still up against the rail. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a little side spin on the cue ball.